The People of Penn State

Episode 6 - Mike Karns

December 08, 2021 Penn State Alumni Association Season 1 Episode 6
The People of Penn State
Episode 6 - Mike Karns
Show Notes

In today's episode of The People of Penn State podcast, we hear from Mike Karns '11. Mike is a Tony Award-winning theater producer, and the founder and CEO of Marathon Digital, the first social media agency representing prominent influencers and revolutionary brands on Broadway and beyond.

Mike's current clients include the Broadway hit "Hamilton," "Ain't Too Proud" and "Hadestown," During his early years, Mike's work has been featured in Forbes, Wired Magazine and Newsday.

In the show, he discusses how his time at Penn State led him to Broadway, what it was like working on "Hamilton," social media's influence on Broadway, volunteering for Alumni Council, his involvement with the Penn State School of Theatre's Alumni Interest Group, and much more.

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