The People of Penn State

Episode 5 - Paula Trimble

December 01, 2021 Penn State Alumni Association Season 1 Episode 5
The People of Penn State
Episode 5 - Paula Trimble
Show Notes

The People of Penn State is back from our "bye week" over the Thanksgiving holiday, and we've got another great conversation for you to listen to!

In this week's episode, we're joined by Paula Trimble '98! Paula is the Policy Chief and Small Business Programs Director at the Space Development Agency in the U.S. Department of Defense. Now two years old, the Space Development Agency (SDA) is building a space-based architecture to provide next-generation space capabilities to meet the needs of the joint warfighter. At SDA, Paula is driving policy solutions to reduce barriers in the acquisition process and enable small businesses and start-ups to work more easily with the federal government.

During the show Paula discusses: her time working for The Daily Collegian, how Penn State played a role in her career path, moving from journalism to lobbying to defense work, supporting universities on Capitol Hill, some of her favorite Penn State memories, and much more!

Connect with Paula on LinkedIn: Paula Trimble.

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