The People of Penn State

Episode 35 — NIL Special with Michael Mauti: Letterman Founder of Lions Legacy Club

May 04, 2023 Penn State Alumni Association Season 2 Episode 35
The People of Penn State
Episode 35 — NIL Special with Michael Mauti: Letterman Founder of Lions Legacy Club
Show Notes

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) is one of the most talked about topics in college athletics and has drastically changed the landscape of sports at the collegiate level in the United States. In a special two-part series on The People of Penn State, we take a close look at NIL, with a strong focus on its impact at Penn State.

In part two of our two-part NIL series, we caught up with Penn State Football legend, Michael Mauti '12. Michael was a standout linebacker for the Nittany Lions, serving as a two-time team captain, earning a first-team All-Big Ten selection, and winning the Big Ten's Butkus-Fitzgerald Linebacker of the Year award in 2012.

After wrapping up a five-year career in the National Football League, Michael has since transitioned into a leadership role within the NIL space, serving as the Letterman Founder of the Lions Legacy Club collective.  Lions Legacy Club is a fan-driven and alumni-led NIL program for Penn State University football student-athletes, alumni, and fans.

We chatted with Michael about his playing career at Penn State, the overview of Name, Image, and Likeness in college athletics, the mission of Lions Legacy Club, and more.

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0:00 — Intro

2:05 — Becoming a Penn Stater

3:40 — Memories of being a student

4:57 — Michael's decision to stay at Penn State during unprecedented times for the football program 

8:02 — Re-recruiting teammates to stay with the program

11:10 — Trusting in former head coach Bill O'Brien 

13:52 — "Saving The Roar" documentary 

17:32 — If NIL was around when Michael was a student-athlete

18:20 — A broad overview of what NIL is

21:50 — Lions Legacy Club's origins and impact

23:25 — How to get involved with Lions Legacy Club

25:25 — The impact alumni can have with NIL 

25:50 — Ad Read - LionLink 

26:52 — Lightning Round Q&A

31:15 — Michael provides a shoutout for recently retired Penn State Field Hockey head coach Charlene Morett-Curtiss 

32:13 — Outro 

33:49 — Alma Mater